Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunny Palm Trees

After two days of rain, the sun has finally reappeared.  Happy we are about that.  I took this late this afternoon.

It was a slow day.  There was sleep deprivation last night due to our neighbors firing guns into the air until about 1:30 this morning.  Apparently Newton's Law of Gravity is not being taught in schools in the area.  Nothing hit the RV roof or the truck, so it's a win.  Last night was the worst New Year's so far.
Other than whining about the weather and the firearms, I have nothing of import to convey.


  1. It amazes me that people who shoot guns into the air have no concept that the bullet will land somewhere. Is their IQ level the same caliber as their gun?

    Typing error on the first comment!

    1. Two people in Texas got hit this New Years. They didn't die, but it really hurt.

  2. We didn't have the gun shooting west of Orlando but lots and lots of fireworks and firecrackers from dinnertime until around 1:30 am on NY's Eve. Not very restful! Then even last night, New Year's Day, there were a few around. I for one am very glad the holiday season is winding down.

  3. Gorgeous photo!

    Happy new year to you two!