Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Return to Lower Javelina Trail

It was cold again today.  We wimped on bicycling and went back out to the Tortolitas at Dove Mountain.  We hiked the Lower Javelina trail.  We saw three real live javelinas out for a stroll, as well as a covey of Gambel's quail.  They are so cute.  They make sort of a muttering sound as they move along the desert floor.   It was just a spectacular day.
Lower Javelina climbs up the side of the canyon and then back down into the wash.  On the other side of the wash, it once again climbs up the side of the canyon.  It's a pretty good workout with large rocks to step up and down, as well as elevation gain.  We're both a little whooped.

It was good to go and get outside.  Tropical storm Kori will be arriving Tuesday in the GPNW and will probably hit Tucson sometime Thursday.  Sigh....  Still waiting for that snowbird rebate.

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous day for a hike! Sorry about the tropical storm. Funny to me to hear of a tropical storm hitting the Pacific NW. Pretty far from the tropics! I am so not familiar with weather in that part of the US. We're supposed to get a bit chilly early next week in Florida. Not looking forward to that either.