Sunday, June 5, 2016

Time at Premier RV Resort in Coburg OR

We had a site next to the pond at Premier RV Resort.  There is wild life here.  We have the standard Canadian Geese.

There are vultures, as well.  There is a field next to the park that the farmers are haying.  Apparently the process of baling the hay results in the deaths of many woodland creatures.  The vultures have been all over that field looking for something to eat.

There are ducks.

What we have a lot of are bull frogs.  The noise they make is just phenomenal.  They go all night, croaking and calling for the ladies.

This afternoon we got back and this guy was standing on the bank looking for chow.  I missed it, but Jim said he got a fish and swallowed it.

This is a nice park.  It's really well cared for.  Across the pond from where we are, they're expanding.  According to the woman who works the front desk, the sites will be better than these, and they will cost $100 a night.  We're having a difficult time imagining people paying that much for an RV park in Coburg.  Allegedly they are frequently full during Duck football games and other sporting events. 

Hopefully we're done with the RV park in Harrisburg.  Every time we go there, we always swear never again.
So, tomorrow we're heading for the coast where it should be 30 degrees cooler than it is here.  We're about to perish from the heat and the humidity.


  1. Wise idea to go to the coast. Looks like the heat wave should be ending in a few days.

  2. Looks like a nice park. We have been at a couple where we had bullfrogs serenading us. I love them. $100 a night for an RV spot is ridiculous! I know it is all about supply and demand, but really...that is taking advantage to the extreme. Hope the coast is nice -- and cooler.