Friday, June 3, 2016

Caterpillar Engine Service

Oy!  It has been a day.  We were up and out early to be at Cummins NW at 0800 hours.  There was a lot of fog until late morning.

Here is our key learning for today.  We have a Caterpillar engine in the RV.  Caterpillar has departed the over the road market, they did not want to have to cope with DEF and federal fuel mileage requirements.  There are few Caterpillar places to take the RV for engine service.  So today we went to Cummins NW for an oil change, inspection, the usual annual stuff.  They did all of that, and then found an insignificant oil leak from a valve cover.  Did they fix it?  No.  Will they fix it?  No.  Cummins management has banned in engine work on brands other than theirs.  Had we known that, we would have gone to the Freightliner place up the road, because they are certified to work on Caterpillar engines.  If you have a Cat engine, please make a note of this.

We're here for the weekend.  It's going to be hot.  There is a huge ridge of high pressure causing abnormally hot temperatures in the south west and up into the GPNW.  We had planned to moisturize our slide seals tomorrow, but I think we'll wait until it's cooler.  

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