Wednesday, June 1, 2016

End of Maintenance and a New Water Filter Stand

We've been released from maintenance at Elite back into the environment.  I budgeted three days, it only took 1.5.  That almost never happens.  More learning occurred.

If a part is failing intermittently, go look at the grounds.  Our Fantastic Vent would open fine, but the fan blades often wouldn't start up.  There was a ground wire on the roof that was loose.

We have the Intellitec Multiplex light system.  It's cool, but it's complicated. You push the button for a light to come on, micro-voltage travels to the CPU, which then directs the light to come on.  The good is much less wiring is needed than with regular switches, the bad is there are no user serviceable parts.  Anyway, we had two stuck switches.  Turns out the fix was to unplug the back light power plug and wait 5 seconds and then put it back.  Sort of like the reset button on the satellite receiver.  It's the plug on the far right.

Last time we were here, or maybe the time before, we had the Hydro-hot descaled.  Erik suggested we go to a carbon block filter.  They're better.  However, they must stand upright.  We had been using a stand like this.  It's fine, unless you're on caliche or astroturf.  In those cases we'd have to use a filter that lays on the ground.

We recently found this.  This changes everything.  The filter canister just sits in that baby on three legs.  No rubber hammer is required to pound it into the ground.  We found it in an independent RV store in Sparks.  We can not find them online anywhere.  Anyway, if you use this type of filter, you should have this.  Jim had to alter it with a hacksaw and file for our canister, because it's made by Camco for their canisters.  It wasn't that difficult and was well worth the effort.  So keep a look out for this.  Update to post - we saw them at Camping World today (6/3).

It's supposed to be 97 in Eugene this weekend.  We are not happy about this.  This is an updated map from one of the weather sites.  Look at the GPNW.  Much above average!  What the heck??!!??

Other than this, we have little of interest to offer. 


  1. Nice surprise to get finished early!
    We're hoping they're wrong about the hot summer forecast in the northwest, but since it's supposed to be 100 here in Ashland by Saturday it's not looking good.

  2. Dang, sorry about that forecast. Looks like our being in a below normal temp area since January is going to continue. Barry wants hot, but frankly, I like that lighter blue color for June!

    The filter holder looks cool. Ours slides into a little track on the side of the motorhome. Glad your maintenance went quicker than expected!

    1. Emily, I wish we had room in our utilities bay for the water filter canister like you have, but suffice it to say that Beaver's design for that part of the bus did not leave enough room for it. Hence the little blue stand.