Thursday, July 16, 2015

Road Hazards

The bike path we use is lined with fruit trees.  The cherry trees have been very prolific this year.

There is fruit on the trail.  Cherries aren't so bad, but when the apples start dropping, one must avoid them.  They're big and slippery.

Yesterday's stage of the Tour de France went up the Col du Tourmalet and then down the other side.  It's a gruesome climb and a challenging descent.  We rode it in 2003 with a TdF bike tour.  Actually Jim rode all of it, and I did some of it in the van.  Yesterday's descent in the race was complicated by cows.

The cows in France are huge.

Jim has gone to Bainbridge Island for a funeral.  His best friend from high school died.  It's very weird when one's contemporaries begin dying of health related issues.  I keep wondering how did we get so damn old.  I believe I will go for a brisk up hill walk now, to possibly stave off some decay.


  1. I would have a hard time riding among ripe cherries...I'd want to stop constantly to pick and eat and horde them!

  2. Doesn't it get you down when you see a really old Actor who you always thought of as the same generation as you are?

  3. I'm with Lisa! I'd have to stop also and gather the fruit:) Sorry to ehar about Jim's friend. It scary reaching this age. Yes, good to go for a brisk walk:)

  4. Beautiful cows. I believe they are Charolais.

    When I first got out of college and started receiving the alumni magazine, I'd look for my friends' names in the marriage announcements. Later I'd start seeing their names in the birth announcements. Now, as time marches on, I start seeing them in the death announcements. It is a strange feeling.

  5. Allison - thank you so much for the good review of Good Sam hospital. I'll just be glad when this is all over with. We really like the surgeon and have a lot of confidence in him which makes it easier.