Friday, July 10, 2015

Red Skies at Night

I took this yesterday at dusk.  Look how red the sky is.  We're getting smoked by the BC fires.  The last few summers we've had smoke.  One year it was from fires in Asia. 

Today we had a marine push that pretty much lasted all day.  It cooled off considerably. We went out to Carnation Valley and rode.  The river is very low - there will be little to no tubing this summer.
This is the Tolt Bridge.  See how gloomy it is?

Are you watching the Tour de France?  It's just been gruesome.  Two wearers of the yellow jersey have had to withdraw due to broken bones.  The jersey seems to be cursed this year.  Daniel Teklehaimanot, who is from Eritrea, is wearing the King of the Mountains jersey.  It's pretty cool to watch, he is so happy. 

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  1. We're watching the Tour. Those have been some nasty crashes!