Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Plane Spotting

Today has been a big plane spotting day.  This morning we saw a C-47 Skytrain and a B-25.  Almost all of the troop transport in WWII was done in the C-47.  The civilian version of the C-47 was a DC-3, a passenger plane in use during the 1930s and 1940s.  Then we saw a B-25 fly over the park.  It was a medium bomber used extensively in WWII.
Then, coming out of Costco this afternoon we saw this.   This is Fifi, the only flying B29 Super Fortress.  The B29s flew at the end of WWII and in the Korean conflict.  In 1971 Fifi was rescued from China Lake Naval Air Weapons center where she was being used as a gunnery target.  The years had not been kind to her.  The Commemorative Air Force has restored her fully, to include new custom engines.
They're all in Tucson with the CAF for the weekend. 

Since my last post, there has been the usual biking and hiking.  The desert continues to be amazingly green due to all of the rain.

Notice how good this ocotillo looks.  They're all lush and green.

In local news, the AZ legislature wants to make speeding tickets cost $15.  They want to outlaw points being used as a basis for license suspensions and they want to forbid insurance companies from raising your rates after multiple tickets.  Why don't they just get rid of all of the speed limits?  These people are just astounding to me.
That's it maties, that's all I have to report.

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