Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Late February Whine

Greetings Earthlings!  Have you missed me?  There has been some discontent, sturm und drang, and kvetching since my last post.  I always dither about writing posts detailing my unhappiness with things and situations.  Do people want to read about it, or are the happy posts the ones that please the reader? 
This is me, last November.  That's my bicycle, Lulu, that we bought so I could get around the RV park after foot surgery.  Everything was too far away to walk, but I could ride the bike for transportation and a little exercise.

Never name your bicycles.   It's like naming the pig you're raising for food.  Lulu had to go.  We have nowhere to keep her when we're on the road, so we took her down to BICAS and donated her.  Hopefully she'll get a home where they keep her inside.  It felt bad to leave her, sort of like leaving a puppy at the pound.

Late February has been a weird weather month.  The last few days have been very windy.

There has been overcast.

Next week it is supposed to rain.  It's odd for it to be wet this time of year. 

The bicycle thefts continue.  The current theory is that people from outside of the park are providing the site numbers of targeted bikes to the perpetrators who then come in during the night with bolt cutters.  All security cables seem to be worthless against the bolt cutters.  We don't know if they've made it through U locks or flat chains.  Why don't we know that?  That would be because the office is making no attempt to collect data on the thefts.  We think 44 bikes have been taken; at an average of $1,000 per bike, those are substantial losses.  There is a fair amount of frustration with the park owner and his office manager.  They do not seem to care about this at all. 
This is our sixth winter season here.  Up until this winter, we've been content here.  I don't know what happened this year, but we're not anymore.  The denizens of the park are annoying us.  I know how awful that sounds, I do.  However, months of driving through the RV park among people who run stop signs, ride their bikes against traffic, walk out in front of cars without looking and etc., is beginning to wear on my last nerve.  We've hiked it, ridden it, blogged it and I am bored.  Next winter we have to do something different.  If you sign up for 5 months, you get a much better rate than if you're monthly, but another five straight months here will probably finish me off.  We're going to have to think mightily about this.
So that's what's happening here in the Old Pueblo.


  1. Meet us in San Diego next winter... Santee Lakes (up to 6 months) and Mission Bay (month at a time) We will do 1 month in each in Dec and Jan.

  2. Yes, it sounds like you need a change next year. That is why you live in a house on wheels, no? And I like to read about what causes discontent in others, as we all experience it at times.
    Hope Lulu goes to a good home:-)

  3. Very few RV parks out there that i could stay at for more than a week… the exception being the RV resort in virgin, and then only because of the hiking and biking right out the gate. We found a good boondock closer to the hurricane rim that might be tried next year, or squeeze in with the rest of the gang who found a paved road to a nice site. I forget if you have solar ? if you do there are lots of places to boondock and rid yourselves of the madding crowds. I know you have a motorhome, but Nina and Paul boondock with theirs…
    Of course then you would have to put up with people like the RV Gang :)
    Take a look at Jim's log chain… don't think bolt cutters would work on that puppy.

  4. Maybe attached a portable sensory alarm to your locked bikes. If it has a high decibel rating then it may be sufficient to draw attention if some toe rag is trying to cut through your cables . You get very attached to a bike.

    1. We have one - but have had to keep it turned off the last week due to the high winds. Even at the lowest sensitivity setting it keeps going off when the wind shakes the bikes. It's ok during the day, but would be seriously annoying at night for the neighbors.

  5. I am way behind on blogs so am just reading this on March 21. I am so sorry to hear about the bike thefts continuing and am surprised that the park seems so unconcerned. They will definitely lose some customers over it, and I certainly understand why you're considering going elsewhere next year. I would be frustrated and PO'd as well, and probably bored as well. I'm sure you can find another place to hang out for the winter that you'll like even better! In the meantime, hope you make it through the season without losing any bicycles.