Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's February

Boy howdy we can tell it is February.  The RVs are rolling into the park like crazy.  Motel 6 along the freeway where the gem show is, has raised their room rates to $90 a day.  Most importantly, it's not raining!  We woke up this morning to dense fog, but it burned off.  The snowbirds are much happier.  The chamber of commerce in Phoenix has to be doing the Snoopy dance of joy, now that the weather improved in time for the Super Bowl.  Jim is watching the game, I am watching the commercials.  So far they're not that good, with the exception of the Budweiser puppy.  Awwwww, cuuuuuuute.

We went out to the Tucson mountains late morning.  It was just a stunning day.  All of the mountain bikers were smiling.

There was a tiny creek still running.  The dark area is water running across the rocks.  It was nice to hear.

This is what is on tap for the near future, so there should be a cessation of whining from me.


  1. I know how you feel! Isn't that forecast just lovely?

  2. This makes me miss Tucson! We really enjoyed spending the month of February there last year (and didn't even GO to the gem show!) Weather was similar to your chart; i.e., PERFECT. Loved the cycling there. It's still on our radar for a return visit, for sure. Enjoy it!

  3. That forecast was made especially for you Allison! :)

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