Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at McDowell

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in McDowell Mountain park.  Roger made his signature seared ahi.  He uses a skillet on top of Gaz cylinders.  Here are the men lighting the barbeque for other cooking.  This year Roger had outdoor illumination.  There were torches everywhere.  Roger and Peggy have camping down to a fine art.

I asked them to turn towards the light so I could get a picture of their front sides.  Ever the comedians, this is the pose they struck.  I love these guys.

It's so pretty there.  I love riding in the park.  The trails took a little damage this summer from the rain, but they're still wonderful.

The outdoor living room.   It was very pleasant to sit and watch the sun set.

Unfortunately there was also tragedy this weekend.  When stepping out of the truck on to a downward slope with loose gravel, my foot slipped out from under me, and I sat down forcefully on the ground, dropping my camera.  It's broken.  The lens cover can no longer open and close.  If you look carefully, you can see the divots caused by the impact on the gravel.  I loved that camera!  Fortunately, I have two more of them.  That's how much I love that camera.

It was a fun trip this weekend, but also frustrating.  My SVT seems to have returned with a vengeance.  There were a few sightings of 215 on my heart rate monitor, which is a bad thing.  We're thinking we might try the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale for a new diagnosis.  I figure I could get a Holter monitor, go mountain biking and produce some startling recordings for them to interpret.  It's aggravating because the problem is bicycling induced.
We're back in Tucson now.  Target is selling 4 foot strings of 6 LED Christmas lights that are battery powered.  We put a string up over the couch and they are quite festive.  Tomorrow I think we're going to stick the chili pepper lights to the inside of the windshield, which will also be festive, although their red color does put me in mind of a bordello.  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday in your neighborhood.


  1. If those LEDs were solar powered, I'd be stampeding the elderly and infirm to get to them.

  2. The return of SVT is extremely alarming! Please stop biking till you get this sorted out! I am worried about you.

    Sorry about your camera but glad you have backups!

    The campground sounds like a great place to be.

    We had a great and quiet TGiving. My blog is pretty up to date with my "doings"

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are headed to your beautiful part of the world soon. I can't wait!