Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fantasy Island Trail Report

Today we went back out to Fantasy Island. We first rode Bunny to Snake Dance to the Rez Loop.  After the monsoons this year, there's much more sand, both on the flat trails and in the little washes.  One needs to pay attention and stay in the middle of the trail.
Then we were off to Fire Loop.  See the giant pile of dirt?  That was not there last year.  It can be ridden around, so not to worry.

The Goal Post wash is unchanged.  Elbow Slammer has deteriorated somewhat.  There are two fairly good steps on the first part.

This is the second wash, it's full of small rocks that are somewhat mushed down.  If you stay in the middle, you're fine.

I totally wussed out and walked it.  Now I'm going to have to spend the rest of the winter having to regain the confidence I had last year.  That's Jim riding my bike down for me.  It's actually easier to ride it than walk.

Between Elbow Slammer and the Slide it's sandy, it's very powdery.  Prepare to come home dirty.  The Slide hasn't changed much.  This is on the way out of Fire Loop, and gives us another look at the giant pile of dirt.  It's huge.  One wonders where it al came from. That was not there last year!

There's a new bridge.  It's very nice, you can see it pretty far away on the trail as it is higher up on the bank than the old bridge.  Look at the steel trusses on the underside.

There is freeway construction on I10 east.  This backup went on for miles.  Please make a note of it.

So that's what we saw today on the trail. 

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