Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fantasy Island the Following Day

Today we were back at Fantasy Island.  After I spent last night berating myself for being such a chicken, I wanted to go back out and ride better.  Today was better.  There was one minor fall due to sand, but over all I pushed down the devils and rode the washes.  This one really took it in the head this summer.  The line up out of the wash is toward the left, the path was much wider last year.

This is the second climb out of that wash.  Last year it was difficult but doable, this year it's covered in loose sand.  There's no traction!  We should take a rake out there and clean off the sand.

Here is a better picture of the mysterious pile of dirt.  I can find nothing on the web to explain its presence.

After riding, we washed the truck at Senor Frog car wash and did laundry.  Just another day in paradise!

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