Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trips to Costco & the Drive to Coalinga

Yesterday was the last day at Temucula Valley RV.  I can say, without reservation, that we will go back there.  When you walk in you're greeted, frequently by the owner; they know why you're there, and they git 'er done in a timely fashion.  So, if the Inland Empire is in your travel plans, and you need work, go there.
While we were waiting, we amused ourselves in various retail establishments.  Those of you who have worked for large corporations may be familiar with mission statements.  Frequently the mission statement will be coupled with visions, goals and objectives, giving us the acronym of VMGO which is pronounced vim-go.  Management delights in writing these things while the peons roll their eyes.  Anyway, here is a mission statement generator that is fun to use. While we were in Costco, we were wondering if they had been using a wine description random word generator.
I don't even know what this is trying to say.  Robes?  Disks?

This was developed by the random spelling generator, what is a pomergrante?

And has a velvety what?
This one is my absolute favorite.  Who doesn't love a wine with notes of charcoal and scorched earth?

Today we left Murrieta and drove to the Sommerville Almond Tree RV park in Coalinga.  We are thinking we may not ever drive north out of LA again.  The road surface is just abysmal.  After transiting I210 which goes north of the LA basin, we both felt hammered by the noise and the pounding from the road surface.
This is the big descent into the Central Valley.

Notice the run away truck ramp.  It's really steep.  Last year we did this in the pickup towing the 5th wheel and it was very nerve wracking.  This year it was much better with the beeg honking engine brake on the Class A.

The Central Valley.  See the green on the left?  Irrigation.  See the desert on the right?  No irrigation.

So, we're at the Almond Tree, which we like.  We have a clear shot at the southern sky for satellite, a long pull through site, 50 amps and we're running both air conditioners.  It's hot!
Scroll down if you haven't seen the previous post - there's a new grandchild to be seen.

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  1. Tyler is adorable! Welcome Tyler! Wouldn't it be fun if the hospital put a Costco type label on his bed at the hospital.... it would certainly be misspelled and wildly weird, unlike him.

    Those roads look hot. I look forward to your next stop.