Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last Breakfast, More Cactus and More Owls

Greetings! Remember my previous posting about the beautiful blooming cactus? This is round two of the blooming. Is it not magnificent?

Another cactus blooming in the park.

We saw this departure yesterday. This guy has everything. The tow vehicle is a huge pickup truck. In the bed of the truck he has a 100 gallon auxiliary diesel tank with a pump handle for filling his pickup truck. AND he is towing a Smart Car behind his 5th wheel. That is quite the lash-up. Oh yes, his wife hitched the truck to the 5th wheel. His life is good.

This morning was the last breakfast ride. We had a good turnout. We went to the Good Egg, it was pretty good; pancakes the size of hubcaps.

When we got home we got out the mountain bikes because we wanted to go look at the Burrowing Owls. This is a pink version of the incredible blooming cactus above.

This is a Burrowing Owl habitat. There are drain pipes under the rocks, where the birds nest and live.

This is a Burrowing Owl standing post outside his burrow. They have really long legs. The link above the first picture takes you to a wiki with pictures of their legs. They're so cute! They eat a lot of bugs. One of the things they do is put poop out by their burrows, which attracts dung beetles. They eat the beetles.

In other news, we have an update on Jim's mother, May. She had a mild heart attack last Thursday, a clot lodged in one of the major arteries of her heart. She was taken to Swedish Hospital, and a catheter was threaded through a vein in her arm, up into her heart. The clot was sucked out (that's a medical term) and circulation was restored. They got to her quickly enough that there was no damage to the heart muscle. AND we have an offer on her house. We're really hoping there are no gotchas and the process completes. It's not good to have a house sitting empty in the GPNW, too many branches, pine needles and yuck on the roof. We had planned to go up there this coming Wednesday to see doctors, dentists, and the house of Chest Smashing. However, now we will also have the final emptying of the house if the inspection is done by then and is good. No pressure!
At this time, the wind is just howling. Howling! I'd like it to stop now.

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  1. Very enjoyable post, full of beautiful cacti, unbelieveable vehicular toys, crafty owls, happy people about to eat a fabulous breakfast, a medical recovery AND a soon to be sold (hope) house.

    Wonderful images, loved it! That guy certainly has it all!