Monday, April 9, 2012

Seattle Trip Report Three

Greetings from the GPNW where the climate gave us one more day of astonishing weather.  It's just eerie how warm and nice it was again today.  I took this yesterday from the stairs leading down to the beach.

Yesterday we had dinner in Kikrland at the Purple Cafe Wine Bar.  The food was really good.  We thought the server could use a little wine education given that he works in a wine bar and all, but the food was outstanding.  Prior to dinner, we took a walk through the downtown.  This is the cow with a coyote standing on her back.   They are both dressed for Easter.

This is the sign taped to the cow's butt.  How sad is that?

People were out everywhere along the shore of Lake Washington.  The natives were delirious with excess Vitamin D caused by exposure to the sun.

This is my glass of rose', which was quite good.  That's Justin behind my glass, today is his birthday.  Happy Birthday to you!

Sunrise on the rock.  We were up at dawn so as to catch an early ferry into Seattle so I could visit my cardiologist.  I still can't believe I have a cardiologist. 

City chickens.  There is a lot of controversy over keeping them in small city yards.  It's not the chickens so much, but the rats that are attracted to the chicken feed.

Pink blooming tree outside the cardiologist's office. Over the past 6 months I've had some arrhythmias.  I requested another 30 day heart monitor so Dr. Broudy could see what was going on.  Today we got the results, and it's afib. The events don't last long, but they're fast.  Dr.  Broudy is concerned at how fast they are, and was fairly surprised that I don't feel bad when it's happening.  Given that they only last 5 minutes max, I'm not yet in danger of atrial remodeling, afib begetting afib, and all of that; but it is bad enough that I should quit ignoring it.  We negotiated down to my taking an extended release diltiazem on the days that we ride the bikes, since they're generally exercise induced.  Beta blockers and flecainide are off the table, I can not tolerate them.  So far the short acting diltiazem hasn't been performance degrading while riding, so we'll see how the extended release version goes.  It just SUCKS getting old.  I hate this. 

This is us on the ferry dock waiting to return to the rock (Bainbridge Island).

The Olympics were out again today.  Double click on the picture for mountainous beauteousness.


It's been a trying day.  We had the house inspection this morning and the inspector found evidence of powder post beetles in a joist under the back deck.  This is enough to allow the buyers to not buy the house.  So we've spent the last few hours wondering what would happen next.  Walk?  Not walk?  What?????  Pins and needles, I tell you.  It's a wonder I'm still in normal sinus rhythm.  Our real estate agent called a little bit ago, they still want the house!!!!  They've asked for a two week extension in order to finance at a different credit union with lower points, so it looks like closing will be the end of May.  On the bright side they're ok with us leaving the last few pieces of furniture in the house, so we don't have to remote control another furniture ejection.  I will be very happy when this house changes hands.  Tomorrow they are pumping the septic tank.  Photos!  For all of you who have wondered what that looks like, or not.  
So these are the stories from the trip to the GPNW. 

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  1. You are too young to need a cardiologist! But do take care of yourself please.

    Great pictures, loved the restaurant. Must try it next time in SEA. Interesting butt sign... very polite wording.

    and the beetles...

    Just look at the class of beetles your powderpuff beetles are associated with...

    woodboring beetles... These beetles, along with spider beetles, death watch beetles, common furniture beetles, skin beetles, and others,.......

    completely utterly creepy crawlers!