Friday, February 17, 2012

Waiting for Parts

Ho Hum, today is a tedious day. UPS reports that the over the range convection/microwave is out for delivery, and that a signature is required. Thus, I must remain tethered to the RV, waiting for delivery. At least the weather isn't perfect today, so I'm not wasting sunshine.
Ken of Cameron's Reliable came by to replace the spring on the bedroom slide topper. This is Rachel holding the spring in her left hand. It's huge! I had no idea it would look like this.

Unfortunately, there's always something. It was more than a broken spring. One of the pins on the end cap is sheared off; and so the spring can not be replaced until new end caps are acquired. See the inverted V thingy in front of the central round thingy? That is not supposed to look like a wave, it should be a pointy V shape. Ken took the slide topper off so we can drive the RV without ripping it off.

We're going in for appliance installs and cabinet work on the 22nd, so we are still on schedule for that.

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