Friday, February 10, 2012

Tucson Gem Show & Home Depot

This morning we went to Gem and Mineral show at the Tucson Convention Center. It's enormous, there are people from all over the world displaying their wares. Both of us were astonished by the number of minerals for sale and how much they cost. Since we know zippity doo-dah all on the subject of minerals, we couldn't tell what was a reasonable price and what wasn't.

The blue ones are from Afghanistan. They export many minerals. They were running $18 a gram, so they were fairly expensive.

This is a little rock, notice the price.

The fossils are always interesting.

Check the prices on the necklaces. We can't imagine roaming around the country with this much expensive stuff. Every year someone is robbed.

A 68 pound hunk of turquoise which someone had carved. It's pretty impressive.

Bracelets which required a lot of work to create.

There were wood workers displaying wood and mineral bowls. Very pretty, exquisite work.

Then it was off to Home Depot to order an over-the-range microwave/convection oven. It's very frustrating, how little the big box stores actually stock. We have done all of our research on line, and now have ordered the thing site unseen. I hope we like it. Aren't these cute? One can buy pre-planted, pre-caged tomato plants and bring them home.

Now we are off to do laundry. One wonders how two people mess up so many clothes.

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