Friday, February 3, 2012

Mountain Biking and Traffic Events

Hola! Happy Friday to us all. We rode out at Fantasy Island today. Snake Dance to Rez Loop and then Fire Loop. I made all of the washes. It was good to ride today, I've been having negative thoughts and too much self doubt, but today reinforced that I can, too, ride well.
On the way back, west bound on Ajo to turn south on Mission, we encountered this accident. The kid on the left (who looks like he's 12), appears to have merged into the big red truck. I felt really badly for him. Last year, at this time, car accidents were accompanied by Border Patrol; the immigration bill said that traffic stops were valid reasons to check immigration status and deport people. Since the courts struck it down, we don't see so much Border Patrol at accident scenes.

Today's RV lesson is this. Do NOT run the microwave/convection oven, space heater, hair dryer and all the lights in the RV at once. It pops the breaker on the inverter, which takes out all of the 110. Please make a note of this.
Did we all see in the news today that Jeff Novitzky (of the FDA) dropped the case against Lance Armstrong? Great goo-gobs of money, spent for no apparent reason.


  1. We had over 12" of snow today & it is still snowing as I type this comment:(. I did not leave the house except to do some shoveling.

    Glad you had an awesome biking day. Jesus was apparently not Red Truck's co-pilot today.

  2. Yes, back to cycling and a smartphone all in a few days! Very glad to read you are riding again. Not sure what your saddle issue is, but I seem to deal with it from time to time. I will only ride with a Terry that has a cutout from now on.

    I got an iPhone in Feb last year. Not so difficult to learn. Be patient with yourself.