Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seafair Sunday

Beautiful day! Just beautiful. It's Seafair Sunday. Seafair is a multi-week Seattle tradition that begins with the pirates invading West Seattle, Torchlight Parades, foot races, hydroplane racing and the Blue Angels flying over Lake Washington. It's your basic summer celebration.
We went back out to the Carnation Valley, and I have to say the level of plant mass out there is just staggering. I think the black berry bushes are having a record season. Vine production is at an all time high.

The cows were happily grazing. This is ruminant heaven.

The water buffalo were roaming about in their field as well.

We were watching the hydros on TV, there is a woman driver this year, Kayleigh Perkins-Mallory. She caught air on a turn and flipped. Here she goes.

Landing upside down in the water.

They had her out of the boat in 90 seconds. She did an interview later and said she was starting to feel some bruising now that the adrenaline is wearing off. It was an impressive thing to see. The boats are like race cars, they are engineered to keep the driver alive.

This is a Yorkie on the other side of the RV park from us. She's 5 months old and is just so cute it hurts me.

It was a spectacular day in the neighborhood.

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