Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dinner and More Riding

Greetings from the temperate GPNW. I can not believe how hot the rest of the country is.

Last night we had dinner with Kim & Jim. It was, as always, just delightful. Kim has a really cool plant stand with flowers and bird feeders. That's a yellow finch on the feeder. I shot that through a window, so clarity is somewhat diminished.

Here is a better picture from the web. They are cute little birds.

After a very healthy dinner, Kim channeled Paula Dean and made bourbon glazed, grilled peaches for dessert. Yes, that's a stick of butter, the other one already melted. They're really good.

We rode out in the Carnation Valley yesterday and today. There is much blooming going on.

We saw this on the freeway. Look closely in the sidecar. It's a doggo. He is wearing a seat belt.

I have nothing else to report

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