Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Race walking

This morning I was reading New York Bike Snob's blog, and Monday's post was fairly funny. It can be found here. He had a very humorous discussion of shoaling, which then digressed into foot messengers in NYC which then touched on race walking. I like the idea of race walking. This summer when we were traveling our fitness levels really suffered because we weren't able to ride much because of the weather in Canada, and the drivers will kill you in the South. We were left with walking for exercise. I can't run because of my feet, and unless you can find steep hills, it's difficult to walk fast enough to really raise the old heart rate. So, I suggested to Jim that we should learn to race walk. Articles on the subject suggest that it's a really good workout. For some reason Jim is not enthusiastic about this idea. Something about looking like an escapee from the Ministry of Funny Walks. Bike Snob posted this instructional video on race walking which struck me as funny, and perhaps validates Jim's position on the subject.

Today we're under a Red Flag Warning from 11:00 to 20:00 hours. The wind actually arrived at 11:28. The RV is bouncing some, but so far the motion is not too bad.

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