Friday, October 23, 2009

17th Street Market

Greetings from the great prognosticator. But more on that later.

Last winter we kept hearing about the 17th Street Market, but for some reason we never got there. We finally made it there this season, it's a really cool store. Sunday we went back to get another jar of cornichons and took the camera.

How often do you see jars of ghee on the shelf?

This is interesting. Hummus and babaganoush in a can.

This, however, is my favorite item. Instant jelly fish. I never knew there was such a thing.

There is a huge Asian food section in the store. We were surprised by the size of it, and wondered how Tucson can support such a large selection of specialty items.

Hello Kitty rice candy.

Back to the great prognostication. As I previously predicted it would, the kitchen gray started leaking the very day the warranty on the RV was up. Fortunately there is a 90 day warranty on Beaudry fixes, so they'll have another shot at it. We are so annoyed, packing this thing up and dragging it down to Beaudry and then re-parking and putting it all back is a full two days. One wonders why this is so difficult to fix. You can see the water drops glinting in the early morning sunshine.

So, it'll be a long week. Jim has gone to the GPNW to visit his Mom who has just turned 92. It's raining sideways up there. The weather here is, however, beautiful.

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