Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Memphis to Nashville - Cuteness

Today we are in Nashville. I have an appointment with the ear doctor on Monday in Bowling Green KY, so we're going to hang out in Nashville while we wait. Then we can head west. So, today's topic is cuteness.

Is there anything cuter than fuzzy chicks from Michael's Craft store? No, of course not.

The New York Times had an article on packing bento boxes for lunch - basically how to make food cute so the kids will eat it. Check out the article, it's here. It really is worth a look, particularly the egg bunnies.

In the responses to the article, someone has posted pictures of their bento boxes, and I must say they have truly made food into art. Go here and look at the bento photos.

It's unbelievably hot and humid here, the air conditioning is running without stopping. If it breaks, we're toast, literally. The force of the internet is strong and we have 96 cable channels. Tomorrow we're going sight seeing in the heat. Hope you are all well and enjoying your respective climates.

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