Sunday, August 21, 2022

House Anniversary, the Lake and Crazy Bird

It was one year ago today that we moved into the Spokane house.  Happy I am that last August was not as hot as this one has been.  It would be really nice if it would cool down (and rain) just a little bit, but the weather heads are saying it's going to be hot until the end of the month.  So there you go.  Overall I'm glad we moved, living in AZ at present is like watching the apocalypse moving towards civilization.  Kari Lake (R) who is running for governor has endorsed other candidates who are election deniers, holocaust deniers, and believe in replacement theory.  She's just a peach.  Katie Hobbs is the democratic candidate and she's an outstanding citizen.  She was Secretary of State last year and ran perfect elections during her term.  The bulk of the republican field are lunatics.

We're not doing too much these days, other than (wait for it) riding to the lake.  Depending on whose statistics you read, 500 to 750 people are dying of Covid everyday, which pretty much puts a damper on being around other people.  There is a new booster that should be out in the fall, it's protective against Omicron, and the dreaded BA.5 variant.  If we get that, we might consider going somewhere after the rug rats go back to school.

Here are some more photos taken at the lake.  The yellow strip is increasing in size.  We still do not know what it is.

I took this from a hill side that goes down to the lake, you can see how wide it is.

Parks and Rec were out the other day with a bunch of kids.  The guy with the man bun was able to get up and walk barefoot on the slack line.  The little girl who is currently on the line was pretty fearless.

The big hibiscus is blooming, and then dropping dead blossoms on the ground.  That is the messiest plant I have ever seen.

That's it!  That's all I've got today.


  1. I cannot make the bird work. Must need TikToc. The slack line business isn't for me!

  2. I'm sick of the over 90s weather we're having on the West side and would like my 70s back! AZ (and too many states) have gone nuts. Absolutely crazy.

  3. I saw news a couple of days ago about research ongoing on nasal spray covid vaccinations as opposed to needles... apparently it is more effective and efficient.
    I think that is Modena working on that. Let's hope it rolls out as soon as!

  4. We've actually had a pretty good August weather wise. Lots of monsoon storms but also some nice rainy ones that the earth can soak up. Fires aren't raging this year so far. I'm trying to find positive things since our Republ8can candidates are just plain nuts. And this is such a red state.

  5. The rain brought in a week or so of temps in the low 90s and high 80s and I'm glad for it. I have an althea aka rose of sharon what you call hibiscus just like that one. it's blooming now too. The flowers only last a day and yes fall to the ground to add nutrients to the soil.

  6. The video definitely made me smile.
    We're getting high temps for this time of year too, though thankfully not what you folks in the States are getting. There is rain in today's forecast so that should cool it off some.
    Could the yellow be algae bloom?

  7. I grew up with hibiscus, only we called them Rose of Sharon. So many colors!

  8. That bird reminds me of a cat -- they love pushing things off tables. The jumping around (dancing?) at the end was definitely the best part!

  9. Happy moving day anniversary! Did you move from Arizona because the politics were getting so crazy? Was that a factor in your decision?

    1. It was political whackjobs, the coming water crisis, and two years of unrelenting hot summers that drove us out. Plus, we were ready for a new place.