Saturday, May 8, 2021

Hooray, Hooray, It's the Eighth of May

 In the PNW, the second line is "it's outdoor intercourse day".  However, here in our neck of the woods, we're saying "it's trichocereus blooming day."  They're mostly all out today.  They bloom for one day, and then they're done.  I have been told it's because they have to cross pollinate so everybody blooms at once, but I can neither confirm or deny this.  

Here are some we've seen today.  These are our neighbors', two doors down.

Rick, who lives on our riding route, called us over as we were on the way back to the house.  That man has a lot of cactus.  These are his trichocereus.

This is called a flying saucer.  The blossom is just huge.

A closer look at said blossom.

Aren't they the most beautiful things you've seen in awhile?  The sun was pretty harsh, so pictures are not that good.  However, they'll be gone tomorrow, so there is no going back for a better shot.

This is a blossom on a really short saquaro.  I think he's only four feet tall, but he's blooming.

This afternoon we went to Home Depot for LED bulbs for the yard lights.  I don't think we're getting the advertised life span on these bulbs.  Anyway, two of the four died this week.  I spent some time in the garden department.  These are aloe plants.  They look like agaves.  They are very pretty.  However, that would involve digging if I got one.

These cactus that shoot flowers out of their sides always amuse me.

This is a mandevilla.  I read about how to care for them in Arizona, which says they need shade.  Home Depot has them sitting out in full sun.  We've given up on plants with leaves, so we admire them and leave them at the store.

I had planned to do a scathing review of the dimwits in the Arizona legislature and their most recent stupidity with their stupid audit, but I wanted to post this while it was the eighth of May.  Ok, here's one of their dimwit things; they're checking the ballots for bamboo fiber content since they think that ballots were smuggled in from China.  Bamboo?  Really?  Maybe they need a bamboo sniffing panda on site.


  1. Q-anon genius hard at work in AZ!! All drinking the dumb water! No one is outdoor inter-coursing this day- too cold!
    Cactus plants are the most curious events aren't they? Adapting to desert has made them like aliens- are you sure you want to stay there?

  2. Love all your flower pictures. Our neighbor's triceratops or whatever it is bloomed also. So pretty. We have no plants. I kill them.

    I read about the bamboo search and I continue to be totally astonished at people's stupidity. I think I may have to give up the news again.

  3. My mandevilla get full sun. But then, I'm not in Arizona where that might be equal to full shade. Beside, it snowed today. No mandevilla yet.

  4. those cactus blossoms are just gorgeous, especially that flying saucer. the picture almost looks like it's been put through a filter on photoshop.

    that attempt to 'find' all those fraudulent votes is a joke and not a funny one.

  5. I love cactus flowers. They all are so pretty. I had a bit of plant culture shock when we first moved to AZ. Nothing liked the sun. I had to start over to really rethink what would grow and what would burn and die. I found the Lantanas did well and were pretty enough.

  6. I read about the bamboo thing. Couldn't believe it!

    So all those flowers really bloom on the same day?! How do they know?! What a drag it would be to be off by a day and bloom and find everyone else has left the party.

  7. That is one very large array of gorgeous blooms! I love them all. It's unbelievable how many flowers are the cactus in the first shot.
    I won't even comment on the so-called audit. It's just insane.

  8. What gorgeous pinks! And outdoor intercourse day? Who knew?