Thursday, December 26, 2019

Post Christmas Round-Up

Christmas Eve day was grey and cold.  We decided we'd take a restorative walk in the desert anyway.  We took off, and five minutes later went back to the house for jackets, gloves and ear bras.  For all that it was a southern wind, it was a very cold wind.  Here is a picture of Jim hiking in a jacket and gloves.  That very rarely happens.  Note the absence of color in the sky.

Christmas day was like being on a different planet.  It rained in the morning, and then cleared up to be a cool windy day.  We took the 7 Rocks trail out towards the big rocks.  They're visible on the left.  We did this hike in March and just hated it.   Yesterday we decided that we needed a goal so we did it again.  We missed the mark on clothing choices.  We took jackets in case it rained on us, and shirts in case the jackets were too hot.  We ended up wearing neither.  All of it ended up in the backpack.

There's a lot up up/down.  What makes it painful is the trail is covered in loose round rocks which are a pain in the butt going downhill.  Poles are a necessity for staying upright.  However it was a glorious hike.  The sun was out and the wind was howling along the upper parts of the trail.

Interestingly enough, the ocotillos on the upper hills were leafed out and looking good.  All of the plants at our elevation are still leafless and looking slightly dead.

The number of saguaros is always amazing.

Late afternoon sun on the yard.  That pile of rocks is Jim's delivery of 1,000 pounds to be distributed on the thin sections in the yard.

The Christmas cactus from Trader Joe's bloomed.

Then there was a sunset.

It was a good Christmas.  Jim and I both received hats we bought at the 4th Avenue street fair.  It's probably time to get them out of their gift bags and put them away.


  1. Anther grand hike. You remind me to put Christmas cactus on my list, and see if I can work the old magic with some left over runt.

  2. That's a good view from your yard. I've read on many blogs the mention of Trader Joes and discovered yesterday its owned by the same family as our Aldi stores, which are very popular here.

  3. More beautiful scenery - thanks!

  4. Now THAT is a beautiful Christmas cactus!! I think I need one too. Nice hike, in spite of the cold. I commend you both!!

  5. such a beautiful area. no place even remotely nice to hike around here.

  6. Glorious photos! Glad you had a nice holiday, but what, pray tell, are ear bras? Ear muffs or some version thereof? :-)

    1. They go around your head, they're used by skiers a lot. The material is thin and slightly fleeced. Cold air just kills my ears, so these are essential to life!

    2. Ah, I have one of those for cycling but had no idea they were called that! Just called it an ear band. :) They are great, whatever you call them!