Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Director Mueller Speaks

This is the best image from the day.  I don't know if Mueller's testimony will do any good, or change anyone's mind.  However, I'm glad he went, it needed to be done.

These were good words. 


So, that was today.


  1. we all want Trump indicted for his corruption but no ex-president has ever been charged for anything done while in office. republicans are gloating that Mueller's testimony was a bust but then they did when the report came out as they are willfully blind to all the evidence. they are/will lie about it all and their base will believe it.

  2. So long as the DOJ "policy" that a sitting president cannot be indicted stands it is a open invitation for corruption and crime. Either a president (Trump) needs to be charged with a crime or Congress must pass a law which would be challenged in the Supreme Court. All the talk about "no one is above the law" is meaningless. Mueller did a disservice by not at least citing Trump's obstruction as criminal instead of being cryptic.

  3. It's amazing how the answers can be so clear and yet the Repubs characterize the hearings as a huge blow to the Dems and a victory for Trump. With the assistance of Fox News, they're basically defining reality, regardless of what reality actually is!

  4. I still don't get why the president if above the law. If anyone should be an exemplar of abiding by the law it should be the chief executive. Go figure.