Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day Three of the Rainy Season

There is NO WAY we will ever live in the GPNW again.  NO WAY AT ALL!!!!  It started raining Sunday.  Rain here is different than rain in other areas.  It doesn’t just cloud up, rain, and then the sun comes out.  Nope – the clouds hover in the trees, sometimes it mists, sometimes it rains, then it stops for awhile, but it never clears and this goes on for days and weeks and months.  Last winter the area had four feet of rain, which was a record.

Anyway, the climate is just gruesome, I’m cold, I’m wet, and I want to be gone from this place.  I realize it would be better in a house, but what would you do all day with the rain?  Every year we get sucked in the the wonderfulness of July and August and start thinking maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…….  but it would.

This was Sunday during the day.


Today at noon.


The hedge across the street is about to start shedding leaves.


So, if we buy anywhere I think it’s going to be Tucson.  A lot will depend on what Jim can do after this surgery.

And of course the forward driver's side storage bay is leaking again.  We can't figure out how it's getting in.  It runs down the inside of the bay door and then jumps onto the floor of the bay.  The tops of everything in there are dry.  Currently we have eight large sponges on the floor soaking up water.  We go out a couple of times a day and wring them out.  I'll still end up with the shop vac removing water, but there's no point in doing that until Friday when it finally quits raining. This is proving to be a pretty good stop gap measure.  What's really weird is that it doesn't leak when the RV is washed - with a pressure washer no less.


  1. Speaking from living outside Britain's fifth wettest city, with an annual rainfall of nearly a metre, I think that if you have any issues with joints, arthritis etc, then a warm drier climate can definitely help.

  2. And then there is the forrest fire smoke in the summer...which is becoming a regular thing.
    The biggest smiles I see on our southwest winter travels to Utah and Arizona are worn by people from the PNW. But for three weeks in late August through early September I could live somewhere on Whidbey Island...where shop keepers and residents swear up and down they are in the "rain shadow." Still gets cloudy and gloomy tho.
    Re: your bay door leak...it has to be "surface friction," or, water wicking it's way inside. I know you may have checked the seals by now, but if they are foam seals, water can "wick" through them.

    1. The seals are rubber gaskets - so I can't see that they are wicking.

  3. I know we couldn't tolerate that dark, gloomy, rainy weather, either. Jim has complained all summer about the daily monsoon thunderstorms, but in most cases we had at least part of the day with sunshine.

  4. Yes, that's why we are looking in the SW instead of the PNW. At least the rain has fixed the smoke/fire problem!

  5. People always say "Travel! You really get to know yourself!" The opposite is true for me. Sit still, and I learn volumes. Like sitting here parked in Maine for a month...addictive behaviors start to show themselves, and I too have begun a list of "Why I could never..."

    Hope Jim is making good progress.

  6. This is exactly why it's important to spend more than the best season in any place you're considering living. We made the mistake of moving to southwest Wisconsin after only spending time there in the summer and fall, when it's beautiful. FEET of snow and temps to -50F our first winter were all it took to send us hightailing it back to NC, tails between our legs. Lesson learned -- older and wiser now!