Monday, August 7, 2017

Riding the Sammamish Slough

It is so hot, again.  Really hot.  My recliner is on the hot side of the bus.  I’m currently sitting on the bed because the rear air conditioner is doing a much better job on the bedroom than is the front air conditioner.  Today would be a good day for a third a/c, but we’re not going there.

This morning, before it was really hot, we drove out to Marymoor Park.  It is the jewel of the King County parks.  They have cricket, soccer, RC planes, climbing walls, a velodrome and more.  We just wanted to park there and ride up the Sammamish Slough. 

Staff was running a bicycling camp for little kids.  Some knew how to pedal and others were being pushed around until they found their balance.  They look like mushrooms in those helmets.


The slough, or river, drains Lake Sammamish into Lake Washington.  It doesn’t have a lot of current, today it was looking pretty brown.  It is, however, water.  And water front commands a premium price in the real estate market.  This makes the continued existence of this mobile home park, and another one up the road so astonishing.  I can not believe they haven’t torn these down and put up condos.


They have been here forever.  It’s kind of nice to see some of the old parts of the area surviving.


This is an older section of the trail.  The parts that are currently being paved, at great inconvenience to the people who fought the project in the courts for years and lost, will be 12 feet across.  It will be very pleasant riding, assuming they finish while Jim and I are still alive.  I wrote about the trail last year, and you can read it here if you are interested.


As we were leaving Marymoor we saw a Google motorcycle coming down the bike path. I’m assuming it’s Google, I don’t know who else drives around with a rotating camera.


I saw these photos on Facebook, this is the Cariboo wildfire.  This is the source of the smoke we are currently inhaling.  The number of fires in BC is just staggering.

bc fire 2

This is distressing. 

bc fire 3

Other than sweltering, we have not too much to report. 


  1. Apple also drives around with cameras. When we were in NorCal mountains near Quincy a couple of months ago we saw at least half a dozen Apple cars driving around for several days in a row. Two people per car. I've never seen a motorcycle version!

  2. Those fires are awful. I would hate to be breathing that smoke!

  3. I was born in Seattle a zillion years ago..We used to have water-skiing and boat races on the Sammamish slough..There are videos out there, quite funny and swell that no one got killed...I just found one a couple of weeks ago without looking for it..
    Geez I think somehow I got old...