Sunday, August 28, 2016

F1 in Belgium

Kevin Magnussen crashed his car today in Spa during an F1 race.  He walked away.  It's an absolute testimony to the sport's dedication to driver safety that he's not dead.  The car chassis is so strong that the drivers aren't crushed.  He went off the course doing about 150-ish mph, clipped one barrier which spun him enough to hit the wall with the back of the car and then spun again hitting the barrier with the front of the car.  That saved him some hurt.

Here is where he stopped.  Notice how the wheels are still where they belong, they're cabled on so they don't fly back and kill the driver.

Mangled car being removed from the track.

Look at the barrier on the far right.

That accident would have killed an Indy Car driver.  It was a good race.  Our favorite, Lewis Hamilton, started at the back of the grid in 21st place, and finished third.  He is so good.

Other than two hours of F1 followed by the urban walk and then a trip to the grocery store, it's been a boring day.  We're leaving in 10 days.  It'll be good, our ennui knows no bounds.

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