Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flea and Farmers' Markets

Greetings Earthlings!  How is your Super Bowl Sunday?  Jim has the game on, every time I glance up at the screen, there are commercials.  So far, none of them have been very interesting.  They're numerous, but boring.
Here is Jim's leg.  He's covered in kinesio tape.  Two of the female physical therapists Jim saw last week were all over the lump of scar tissue he has at the base of the incision.  One woman massaged it intensely.  The other woman brought out the dreaded scar scraper.  It's a tool PTs and massage therapists use to reduce scar size.  It's working, the bump is noticeably smaller, and doesn't bother him very much when walking.  I'm not sure what the tape is doing, but it looks cool.

Yesterday we went to the Tanque Verde swap meet.  It was a complete waste of time.  We were expecting to see a better caliber of junk than we did.  This is not a recommended outing.

Although, if you're a hoarder, it's a good place to get rid of your junk.

This morning we got up to go to the Rillito farmer's market.  If you go, you need to be there by 9:30 at the latest.  All of the eggs and unfrozen chickens were gone by the time we got there.  This guy is roasting peppers.  He's got three propane flames pointed at the food, and then he rotates the drum and keeps them moving.  They smell wonderful.

Look at this Volkswagon.  We think it's from the 60's.  It's got the drop down sides on the bed.  It's really cool.

Horse racing has started at Rillito Downs.  These horses were walking in circles.  The black horse on on the left was pretty frisky, shaking his (her?) head and occasionally kicking a little.

So here's our organic tomato.  They're grown in a hot house in Tucson.

Here is our very expensive organic (frozen) chicken.  They're from the Willcox area.  They spend their days outside eating bugs and non-GMO chicken feed.  They're labelled Josh's Foraging Fowls.  It'll be interesting to see if they're better.  I was disappointed not to be able to buy eggs.  I do like buying eggs laid by chickens that haven't been tortured.

There's a guy there with salmon from Alaska.  They're gill netted and flash frozen.  Jim got two pieces of smoked salmon.  I would like to know the economics of bringing fish from Alaska this far south.

See the icicle?  The leak in our ice maker is getting worse.  It's also making the frost build up faster because of all the water it's putting in the freezer.  I think we're going to the dark side and getting a residential refrigerator installed.  Since it's becoming clear that we will never be able to replace our current RV,  I'm willing to put the money into it.  We toured Allegro buses the other day, you can have two bathrooms, but you can't have much clothing and you can't eat; there's no where to put any food.  I'd really like to be on a focus group for RV design, I have some things to say.

So that's it - this is all I have to report.


  1. $0.03 for that chicken seems pretty reasonable. ;-) ;-) ;-) Jim's tape is pretty cool. Hope the PT is not as torturous as it sounds! I like the VW. One of my favorite colors and looks to be in great shape!

    1. Good eye on the price. Perhaps we were over charged....

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today and commenting. Interesting what you say about Kasich! A deeper look is clearly warranted! Thank you. Looking forward to browsing more here.

  3. Hope Jim is doing better. I have seen a lot of people using the kinesio tape and wondered if it worked or if it was just clever marketing. Looks the swap meet was a success. Looking forward to hear how the chicken turned out.