Friday, February 13, 2015

The Snakes Are Out!

On the local news tonight they informed us that the rattle snakes are out early due to the warm temperatures.  I was thinking about that today when we were hiking - wondering if they were out.  We've seen them on the trail in the past.  They creep me out so much I can't stand it.
Today was windy and warm, just like yesterday.  We did the long route through the Tucson Mountain Park, up the big hill, and then back via the Rock Wren trail.  It was getting to be a slog towards the end because the sun was low and beaming into our eyes and onto our chests.

Who can identify this?  No?  It's a Ford Tri-Motor.  It was built during the 1920s and was one of the first planes to fly paying passengers.  It's in Tucson for the weekend.  For $70 you can go for a ride in it.  The plane had quite the history and flew for a very long time. 

Can you believe the weather in Boston?  It's just surreal to watch the news, seeing buildings collapsing under the weight of the snow on roofs.  We look out the window and see blue skies.

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