Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day Three Temecula RV Work

These grow everywhere around here.  They're some sort of iris on reedy looking stalks.  They're pretty.

We wandered around the Murrieta Walmart for awhile today for something to do.  See that cute little dress? It looks like a cute little girl's summer dress, eh?  Nope.  It's a dog dress.  When did this happen?  I get putting sweaters on dogs when it's cold, but when did they start wearing summer dresses?
Have you ever wondered what happens if your Class A dies somewhere and requires towing?  We certainly have.  This unfortunate soul had to be towed in today from the freeway. 

This is what brings your RV in for work.  This wrecker will tow 50 tons.  I can not even imagine 50 tons.

We almost finished today, but when they pulled masking tape off the side of the RV, some paint came with it.  They're going to touch that up tomorrow, they believe we'll be able to depart early afternoon.  We're 60 miles from San Diego so hopefully we'll be there tomorrow evening. 

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