Friday, February 27, 2009

February is Over

Can you believe February is over? When we got here in November we wondered if time would drag or if we'd feel like we'd been here too long; but no, the days just go whizzing by. It's been an amazing winter, La Nina is doing her job keeping it warm here. Earlier this week it was running 20 degrees warmer than normal.

Wednesday we rode up to the coffee shop at the University Main Gate for a nosh. We go by this house often, I am impressed by their art installation. They're really well done.

February is a huge month for the Tucson economy. First there is the Gem and Mineral show, then there is the Rodeo and finally there is the Accenture Golf Match Play. Tiger came back from his medical to play, and was sent home after day two. We, of course, attended none of these events, but many people did.
Thursday was the Rodeo parade. It is the longest non-mechanized parade on the planet. This is a picture from the television. I know, how lame is that?

We did go to the Rodeo last year, which is where we were really taken with the pickup men. Consider the plight of the rider of the bucking horse. He's stayed on the thing long enough, and now he'd like to get off without being maimed. The pickup men come in and drag them off their bucking horses, on to their well trained animals. Watching them do that was really the best part of the day. Click on the next picture and look at the cowboy's face.

Thursday was a bad day for Jim, he felt pretty awful. It all hurt. We slept late, and then went out and bought new helmets. He banged his up falling on Monday.
Today (Friday) was much better. The Long Riders planned a 60 mile ride from the RV park to Colossal Cave and back. The Shorter Rider (that would be me) decided to drive east about 10 miles to shorten the distance. So Jim and I parked out at Craycroft and met up with the Long Riders. It was very pleasant, we had a break at Saguaro East, went out toward the Cave, up Pistol Hill road, and then back up Kolb.

I took this picture this morning before we left. I hate to dry dishes, it's always a challenge to not dry.

The RV sized dish drainer is tiny, very tiny.

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