Friday, October 16, 2020

Coyotes, Fruit, Voting and a Bug

I took this the other morning when we were out on the bikes.  Coyotes are not that spooked by people.

The people who live there had been leaning over their wall watching him.  He knew they were there, but he was not concerned.

We have lemons!  I was not expecting them this early, but we've gotten about six so far.  This year will not be a good as last, one wonders what we did wrong.  I'm hoping the next door neighbors have a good crop, last year we got all of them because they don't like them.  I juiced many and froze them in ice cube trays and grated zest and froze that.  They're not sprayed with anything so they're safe to use.  Our lemons are the size of limes, so no joy there.

Do you not love the cover of the voter guide.  Lucha is Spanish for fight.  The mask in the word vote is worn by the Luchadores, which are Mexico's answer to WWE.  They fight wearing masks that cover their heads.

This is Jim, searching for information on the Tucson School District candidates and the judges.  Given the amount of paper we got in the mail, there was not a ton of useful information.  Jim is the voter in chief for the house.

Here we have a dead bug in the hall bathroom.  Look at the antennae, they're so delicately curled at the ends.  Google image was not able to find a match, so who knows what it is.

Look at these charts.  It's staggering how much case loads have increased.  The Dakotas are particularly impressive.

That's it, that is all I have to say on this Friday afternoon.


  1. We got our ballots yesterday. Now I hope they get back there. I'm tired of breaking heat records. So ready for Fall. We used to have coyotes around here but haven't seen any for a couple of years. And you can keep your bug.

  2. yeah, Trump is totally over the virus. he got it and survived so everyone else can too regardless of how many people are dying and having health problems after recovering.

    coyotes have had to learn to tolerate humans since humans have taken over their habitats. when I lived in Houston one of my acquaintances lived at the edge of a big park with mostly wild areas and she would see a coyote now and then. I read several years ago that a wolf/coyote hybrid had emerged and was settling in urban areas up north. or maybe it was coyote/dog. I don't remember exactly.

  3. I had a lemon tree at another house and I miss it still. Produced so many I begged neighbors to help themselves. I voted this week - small town - early voting - no waiting.

  4. I appreciate Jim's diligence in researching the candidates. We need more high information voters!

  5. This spiking Covid caseload in the Dakotas is bizarre, isn't it? I figured that would be a fairly safe place, with lots of open space and rural locations. But I saw those same maps in the paper and they blew my mind.

    I have no good guesses on that bug. The coyote looks very fox-like -- are they related to foxes? I thought they'd be more wolfish.

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