Monday, August 12, 2019

Even More Osprey

This morning it was back to Marymoor Park on the bikes for us.  The climate was was pleasant, when we started out it was actually a little chilly.  Here is your Osprey update for today.

This is one of the babies, he has flown to another light stand.  He didn't leave it the entire time we were watching them.  Maybe he's tired.

This is the other baby.  He was on the pole with the nest.  Suddenly, he flew.  It was just an amazing thing to see.

He did a few laps in the area.  Then he started working on getting back up to the nest.

Back on the nest safely.

This is what houses on the shore of Lake Sammamish used to look like.  They were summer beach houses.

Now we have this.  Big houses on small lots, sited cheek to jowl along the water.

The farther north you go, the larger and more mansion-like the houses get.


  1. Wow ... that's a BIG difference in square footage. I like the smaller ones with the yard much better! I can't understand why people want to be able to hear their neighbor cough!!
    LOVE the osprey pictures. How fun to watch them fly for the first time!

  2. saw the same thing happen to the development where my family had a beach house. started out small simple cabins and houses on stilts. by the time we kids sold it it was all 3 story monstrosities. they just didn't get it. beach house are for lounging around in your bathing suit and tracking sand in everywhere.

  3. A little chilly?? I'd love to be someplace where it's a bit chilly in the morning! I think summer in the AZ desert is getting to me. Love the shots of the birds!

  4. The osprey pictures are wonderful. Wunnerful, as Mr. Welk used to say. Identical cheek to jowl housing developments go up here every day--in old corn fields.