Saturday, November 24, 2018

Deep Watering in the Desert

The soil in our area is somewhere between concrete and a glacial moraine.  It’s difficult to dig in and it’s also difficult to get water to soak in, rather than just running off.  Our neighbors told us to do this.

Get a five gallon bucket at Home Depot or Lowes.  Drill a hole in the side at the bottom with a 3/64 inch bit.  Place bucket near the thirsty plant, fill with water.   Walk away.

Look at the bottom of the bucket, you can see the tiny stream of water shooting out onto the new bougainvillea.  The slow release allows the water to soak in rather than running away.


The lemons are becoming ripe.  Well we think they are.


The oranges are still green, so it’s pretty definite that they are not ripe.


Gratuitous palm tree picture with blue sky.


The TV stand came yesterday and is a vast improvement over the glass table – for one thing the cables are much less visible!  We also got a Breville counter top oven which arrived before Thanksgiving and is very nice.  The oven we have is large enough to cook a small ox, and it seems stupid to heat it up for two rolls or whatever.  The Breville comes to temperature very quickly and holds it.  It was good to have on T-day.


Other than this, we have not too much to offer. Watering and acquisition – that’s it.


  1. Oranges are usually ready for picking starting in January.

    Talk about acquisitions...moving into a house with no furniture means daily acquisitions!

  2. You have a lemon tree!?! I am seriously jealous! As for the little countertop oven, we have one here in Mexico -- it happens to be our only oven. And it is working just fine. Can't roast a turkey in it, but it's great for baking a couple of chicken breasts, or some delicious chicken pot pies from the farmer's market. And like you say, for two rolls. Perfect little oven for two. :-)