Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Very Good Day

Today was an excellent day. We were up and out early to go to the Social Security Office.  I was there to file a restricted application for spousal benefits.  Were you born before January 2, 1954?  Is your spouse receiving SSN?  If so, I think you are eligible to file for spousal benefits (50% of spouse’s payment at full retirement age), and let your SSN grow until you’re 70.  This is a limited time offer that ends in 2020.  Here is a link to a fairly understandable Forbes article on the subject. 

We got there when the doors opened at nine.  Last week I waited 90 minutes on the phone to make an appointment, and thus was able to go in first.  I was directed to window number 15, and low and behold, the gentleman working that station had pulled my paperwork, knew why I was there and proceeded to process me and my documents in about 20 minutes.  The person I spoke to when I made the appointment asked many questions and generated a file on me that allowed much of the work to be done before I got there.  The visit truly exceeded expectations.

If you’re going to do this, form SSA-10 lists the documents you need to bring.  In my case, since Jim is still living, I did not need a death certificate.

On the way home, we followed signs in the neighborhood for a moving sale.  There is a business here that runs sales for people who must empty the house.  We bought an office chair – cheap!  I’m so excited after pricing them at Office Depot. 

After lunch there was hiking.  There is a trail that starts across the street from the house.  We walked up to the top of a saddle.  While we were standing there, two Blackhawk helicopters flew by.  They’re from a special operations unit at Davis-Monthan. 


A mountain whose name I do not know.


This is our community.  Look at the houses closest to me.  We’re around the corner in that neighborhood.


This is amazing.  These flowers generally only bloom in the spring, and they’re pretty scarce.  At present, they’re all over the place.  It’s amazing what a little rain will do.


Have you ever seen such a juicy ocotillo?


When you exit the trail back into the neighborhood, this is what you see.  This is our house.


Progress continues.  It’s starting to look and feel more like home than a collection of rooms with furniture in them.


  1. Its handy having walking trails etc nearby, and even when you walk them regularly there's always something new that catches your eye.

  2. What a great house and a beautiful landscape! I hope those flowers blooming before winter won't screw up their life cycle...

  3. I am glad you did not need a death certificate!

    Isn't the desert lovely this year! It's great up in Cottonwood, Sedona and Prescott too.

    Your place looks wonderful...and what a bonus to have a trail right across the street!

  4. Your house and area is gorgeous! Glad things went well at the SS office. We recently went to the one in Orlando to sign up for MySSA accounts and also had an efficient and pleasant experience. Nice when that happens!