Friday, August 26, 2016


When leaving physical therapy last week, I saw this paraglider over Issaquah.  I wondered at the time where he was going to land.  He was very far from the launching site at Poo-Poo Point.

Last night we saw another pair heading over towards a flat spot on the other side of the ridge behind the RV park.  They, too, were very far from where they launched.  They were aiming at an open area, that will soon be covered with retail and more apartments.  So, it's good that they're enjoying the open space while it's still there.

We rode the mountain bikes up the trail today, and then off on the spur that goes underneath the power lines.  It's a great trail segment.  I wish it was longer  There's up, there's down, with enough rocks to make you pick a line and ride with intent.  It was HOT.  Tomorrow it's supposed to cool off again, and that would be good.

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  1. Yes, looking forward to the cool down too! And rain even in the forecast!