Monday, April 25, 2016

Paris Wrap Up

Before I forget everything, there were a few things I wanted to say about the Paris trip - in no particular order.

Clothing choices.  We over packed, it's what we do!  Actually, it's hard to pack for three climates, especially when you don't know what they're going to be.  We didn't need the heavy fleece jackets.  Hats and scarves were required, it was that cold and windy.

Electronics.  We still have some items that need charging at 110.  This little beauty was the best.  In addition to having three 110 outlets, there are USB ports as well.  Unlike our old charger, it has a cord attaching it to the hotel outlet, so we did not need a tower of paper backs holding it up.  Having the three 110 outlets was also handy because so many European hotels do not have enough outlets.  It's also an EXCELLENT white noise generator.  There is a small fan that runs constantly.  It drove some Amazon reviewers nuts but after a day we didn't hear it anymore.
This is also a good outlet adapter.  More than one thing can be plugged in to the one adapter.

Departing out of Charles De Gaulle.  One trip in the past we drove the rental car to Marseilles so that we wouldn't have to depart from CDG.  I think that's still a good policy. It's a huge airport.  Make sure you know which departure wing and hall you're leaving from.  We're used to just providing the airline name to the cab driver. It was clear our driver thought were were idiots.  He handed us a book and said "which?"  We asked for a 10:30AM pickup for a 2:00PM departure.  It was a good thing.  The cab was late, the traffic was unusually horrible.  Then we got there and passport control and security were shut down due to abandoned luggage in the airport.  The French take that very seriously.  There are few restrooms and virtually no food until you get through security, but before security there is passport control.  Please bring snacks and watch your fluid intake.  Getting through passport control was unbelievable.  The agents were moving out smartly, but they had been closed for over an hour.  Security wasn't too terrible.  We boarded at 1:40.  Getting there early saved us.

Entering the US via Hartsfield in Atlanta is a good choice. We would use this airport again, the Customs and Immigration process is excellent.  They had staff, they were there to tell you where to walk, where to stand and where to wait.  Also, the process for claiming and re-checking your luggage is well thought out and easy.  We're never coming back through Philadelphia again, ever.  ATL was extremely efficient.  (Update to post.  Other travelers' tales indicate that our experience is not the norm.  So, take our recommendation with a grain of salt.)

Paris is noisy.  If you're a light sleeper take ear plugs.

So that's it.  There was more I wanted to say, but if I don't get this posted soon it will have zero relevance.


  1. Terrific info, thanks for writing it all down.

  2. How funny that the same thing happened to me coming back from CDG on my 2002 RTW! An empty bag! Only they made us clear the airport. Everybody out of the terminal! It cost me my Duty Free shopping.

    Soooooo glad you are feeling well enough to remember!