Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's cold!  I got up early (for me) to put the feeder out for the hummingbirds, and the thermometer was showing 33.  There should be a snowbird rebate for this weather.  It's also been windy, as demonstrated by the wind sock across the way.

Jim had physical therapy yesterday afternoon, so I walked in the park.  It was still cold in the afternoon.  I saw this bird sitting on the finial of a lamp.  It's not a great picture, due to zooming and cropping.  He was positively glowing when the sun hit his feathers.  Who can identify him?

Even in these cold climates, we have flamingos.  It always amazes me what people are willing to carry around in a space constrained vehicle.

Jim is making progress,  but walking normally is being hampered by a scar tissue build up at the base of the incision.  Surgeons irritate the living snot out of me because they don't seem to consider scar placement when they are cutting.  The base of the incision is well below the tendon rupture, so I wonder why he cut down so far.  Anyway, there is a lump and the shoe rubs against it, and it's impeding walking.  Probability is high that it will resolve eventually, but it hasn't yet. 

Currently we are watching a phenomenon that occurs frequently in RV parks.  There is a couple in a teeny tiny travel trailer, and they are hooked up to their tow vehicle and ready to leave.  However, they've been way laid by a chatty RVer from Texas.  We see this all the time, the chatty ones descend on people when they are un-hitching or hitching to leave.  When we had the 5th wheel we had a policy of no talking when putting the trailer on the truck, and we enforced it.  The consequences of error were too grave to risk it.  Anyway, the trailer people were up and out attempting an early departure, but now they are delayed by being polite to strangers.


  1. My problem with shoes is the two screws in the ankle and the bone spurs because of them. Surgery isn't an option because of the way I broke it. So I totally sympathize with Jim.

    1. Well that just sounds awful. I haven't broken a bone yet, and I'm hoping it never happens.

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about Jim's foot. I hope it will resolve. Shame the surgeon didn't attempt to minimize the likelihood of scar tissue; everyone needs to be able to walk without pain, even non-athletes. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Love the Vermilion Flycatcher! We saw them in Belize and then recognized them again in southern Arizona (Patagonia) two years ago.

    Sorry it's so cold! We have the opposite problem -- over 80 degrees with humidity. Talk about bad hair days! It's due to get chilly again after rain and a front moving through late tomorrow. I must say I will embrace the cooler temps. Not quite ready for summer!