Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day Eight - Panoramica Ride

Last night for dinner, Marina made the Italian version of paella.  It had a name, but I forgot.  Here is the prep island.  The mussels are grown locally about 7 miles from here.

I believe these are langostinos, but maybe not.

This is Marina stirring the massive seafood concoction.

We looked into the cooked crustacean's eyes too long, and could not eat him.  I have issues with food that still has the head on.  Jim said the mussels were very good.

Today we did a 60k ride that climbs up into a national park.  But this is Italy, so first there must be coffee.  There is a coffee shop in Tavullia dedicated to the great Italian motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi.  I'm not clear on the relationship between the Fiat and Rossi, but it's a cute little car.

They draw a 46 (Rossi's motorcycle racing number) on all of the coffees.  I kept seeing yellow tape everywhere with 46 on it, and didn't understand the significance until today.

Today's ride leader was Danelo.  Here he is putting on the jacket before one of the descents.  He's been sick, so was not wanting to get chilled.  He also had an artfully tied scarf at the neck.  I am sad that I did not get a good shot of him and the scarf.  He has the ability to ride with no hands and remove the jacket when it's no longer needed.

Somewhere along the ride.  They've harvested whatever was growing there, and have plowed the fields.  Not sure what happens next, agriculturally speaking.

This is on the climb to the top of the hill.  That's the Adriatic, and those are vineyards.

Now we are at the scenic overlook.  They've made a nice breakwater for the boats.  You can't see them, but there are floats with ropes dangling into the water, the mussels grow on the ropes in about 20 feet of water.

Jim and me at the top.

A nice bar/cafe in another small town where we stopped for water.

It was a good ride, extremely enjoyable.
It's Saturday, so there is a new influx of people at the hotel.  Rumor has it that there is a large influx from the Tucson Cactus Cycling Club, but we haven't had a confirmed sighting yet.  

Update to post:  here are Jim and Danelo, taken  Sunday morning.

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  1. I miss those coffee stops ;) glad to hear that the riding is good and the food. Hope Jim is 100% by now, climbing hills would not be fun while sick. We miss you guys.