Friday, September 9, 2011

Knife Sharpening and Photography Class

Oy! My little feet are tired. We took the bus in to downtown Seattle. It's just too difficult to park the giant pickup truck in the garages. You either get a very tight spiral entrance/exit ramp, or the arm on the gate whacks the roof of the truck, and/or the the radio antenna whacks the exit signs. We took 4 knives in for sharpening (not nearly as much fun as buying new ones) and I had a photography class. There was about an hour and a half between dropping off knives and class starting so we walked. If you haven't been to Seattle, it's hilly. These are some of the things we saw.
A firehouse.

The water feature at Westlake Center.

New apartment buildings in Seattle.

The class was worth doing. I learned how to better use my new camera, and the Picasa photo editor for post processing. The camera is way smarter than I am.

This weekend will be the hottest two days of this year. How weird is that? It's September.......

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