Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Carnation Valley Ride

Today was the last day of riding in the Carnation Valley. The road closes Monday, so that's it for that route. It's weird, we're entering the count down of "last time we'll do x" before leaving. We're out of here 9/29. It's like every other extended stay, when we arrive it feels like we'll be here forever, and then suddenly, we're packing it up.
A last view of the always lovely Sikes Lake.
We were stopped on the road by a very flustered young woman looking for the Tall Chief RV park. We sent her to the only park we know of, which is in Fall City. We drove down there after riding, just to see what was there, and it's a very long drive way. This is a park that we've always seen on a different ride route, and it never occurred to us that it was reached from Fall City. So there you go. It's not a place we would want to stay, no sewers.

So, that was today. It was a good ride. Jim was feeling good on the way back and towed me in at 19 to 20 mph. It was fun, made me feel young again.

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