Sunday, June 19, 2011

If a Tree Falls in the Forest

Are things that look terrifying in real life, but not in a photo, really scarey? Why yes, yes they are. There's a new loop we want to do, but 0.7 miles of it are signed black diamond. We rode up to check it out before committing ourselves to riding it, and it would indeed appear to be black. The trail goes between those two rocks in the center, and immediately jumps up onto another rock. Hah! I'll be walking that. The trees on that trail are much closer together than on the trails we've been riding.

We need a new route that doesn't involve a shuttle. All the choices involve black trail sections or more distance than I'm comfortable with. We need a driver to come get us so we can do one way rides. Maybe after we win the lottery.
We used the new rack today, it has definitely improved quality of life over hoisting the bikes into the truck bed. Duct tape, pipe wrap and bungee cords have made the rack very useful.
The weather has reverted to stunningly gorgeous. The long range forecast is also good. Here's hoping that Seattle improves before we get there.

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