Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

We decided to do an easy ride today to keep Jim moving after his recent incident. It was a perfect day, 80's and no wind. This is a building we ride by on the way up to the University. It was for sale, but the sign went down. I think it would be cool to buy it, renovate the inside, and not touch the outside. Jim does not share my enthusiasm for the project.

From February 15 to March 15 this Buddhist monk will be at the UofA bookstore (first floor) doing this mandela. At the end of the month, the sand representing their deities will be removed, and then the rest of the sand will be taken to the campus turtle pond. In Tibet, they would cast the sands into a river for protection against evil, but since Tucson's rivers aren't running now they'll use the pond.

He loads sand into the tool in his left hand, it's hollow, like a very long narrow funnel. His right hand runs up and down the tool and shakes the sand out. He's very controlled with how much sand is placed on the board, and the detail is just amazing.

He works on this Tuesday through Saturday. He has way more patience than I do.

After stopping at the U, we continued east on the bike route. This house is in the Sam Hughes neighborhood, which is a historically significant area. This was the original area for early Tucson's movers and shakers. I think every UofA student dreams of living here. I always did. It's for sale! It's out of my price range!

We think that's a slate roof.

We continued out east. This is another one of the places I lived while at the U.

Then it was back to La Salsa at the Main Gate for lunch. We decided that lunch today was pretty much perfection of existence. Sitting outside, eating "healthy" Mexican, watching people.

After lunch we returned home. See, the mummy lives.

So, that was today.

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