Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aquarium trip

Today we slept in (again!) and mooched around a bit. After awhile, we decided to go to the Virginia Aquarium. It's under renovation, so navigation was somewhat difficult. But overall it was pretty good. We're still getting the last of Faye so it's windy, gloomy and overcast. We're hoping it will rain hard tonight so the people next door will quit having bonfires. They're smoking us out!

Sea turtle tank.

Giant big lobster. Dinner......

This is a snapping turtle. His back is covered in algae and slimy stuff. They sit on the bottom and wait for food to swim by. Then they pounce.

Well, the rain is here with vigor!

We're in VA beach through Thursday. Friday morning we head out to the DC metro area. We're sort of dreading taking the RV through the tunnel that we have to transit to leave Norfolk, and the circumferential highway around DC, but we are looking forward to being back in the area.

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