Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ely, NV to Las Vegas

Oy!  Today just seemed to take forever.  We actually arrived at a reasonable hour.  I think when it all pretty much looks the same, there is no sensation of forward motion.  We again went north back to US-6 to NV-318 and then down to US-93.  Taking NV-318 to Hiko knocks off two mountain passes.  There is one on NV-318 but it's very benign.

Again we had a cold departure.  

These are my heat seeking feet.  Yesterday the bus was really cold because it got cold soaked over night, and then all day driving it was cold.  It never really warmed up.  There is heat coming from the dash vents, but there's too much interior volume for it to really be effective.  Today was better, we lost a lot of altitude and it warmed up.  At 5:40 pm I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt and the air conditioning is running.  Life is better.

There is a lot of this on the route.  Notice how the road goes on forever in a straight line.

I think this was taken coming off Murray Summit but I'm not sure.

Eventually there are some rocks and things to look at.

We're here for two nights.  Tomorrow we're heading out for the Valley of Fire.  There may or may not be hiking, but there will at least be driving around and looking at stuff.  I'm better, but I still feel puny.


  1. We hang an old quilt right behind the driver and passenger seat to shrink the heated space. It works great, try it. You are almost HOME!
    mark and bobbie

  2. The Valley of Fire is pretty cool. Check out the petroglyphs. I hope your feet warm up by the time you get to Vegas!! Warmer weather awaits .....

  3. The West is good at making people feel puny. I like all that empty scenery. It's hard for me to conceive of such vast spaces!

  4. I'm not surprised it's so empty out there. too desolate for me. must have trees.

  5. Way too many straight line roads. One year, driving through the west, I asked my Air Force veteran brother to teach me how to calculate distance to a bridge in the distance. He said, having no tools to estimate, he'd be judging. So we both would announce our estimate of distance to the bridge. He was always close I never even placed.

  6. Flatlander that I am, I think the hills and mountains look lovely in their solid way.