Saturday, November 4, 2017

Migration Aggravation and Settling in for Winter

We’re recovering from the grueling drive down.  It’s just amazing how tiring it was.  There was also a little added stress on the way. 

One stressor was a leak into the utilities bay.  The new gray knife valve is leaking into the Y fitting downstream of it.  This problem was exacerbated by the fact that an extender had to be used to bring the lugs the sewer hose attaches to forward enough to be accessible.  The first extender used was a Rhinoflex 45 degree swivel extender.  It also leaks.  So during transit there was gray leakage.  So happy it was gray.  Eleven percent of the Amazon reviews of this are one star, and most reference the fact that it leaks.  This was an intolerable situation going forward.


We ordered a Valterra non-swiveling extender from Amazon.  Much better, no moving parts.  It has the added advantage of being clear, so we’ll know what awaits us when it’s time to attach the sewer hose after a transit.

valterra extender

We replaced the extender yesterday.  I did plumbing.  I also did clean up on the leakage that occurred during the process.  Hopefully this will be the last time I do plumbing.  We went through many gloves, and much Lysol and many Clorox wipes.


So there was that.  There was also Tuesday morning in Newberry Springs.  We got up, turned on the Hydro-Hot to heat the boiler antifreeze to pump through the engine to warm it up.  We both heard what we thought was a Harley Davidson motorcycle right outside the bus. We actually looked for it on both sides of the RV.  Unfortunately it was the Hydro-Hot burner breaking free of the boiler.  Thick roiling smoke coming out from under the RV was our second clue that we had a problem.  That’s the burner below.  That silver ring should be bolted to the shiny box you can see in the background.  Live flame was involved in this, things could have been worse.


Here is a closer view of the collar that is missing a chunk where a bolt went through.


The chunk that departed the burner.  Ken came out the day we got here and has ordered parts.  We still have the electric element so there is limited hot water.  We’re both showering really fast, and I really hate that! 


We’re here now, and not nearly as jangly as we were.

This photo is from the “only in Tucson” department.  Here we have the back end of someone’s pickup truck.  There is significant body damage to the back left quarter panel.  The owner drilled holes down either side of the break in the body and then laced to two sections back together.  Some Gorilla tape was then added for good measure.  I see these things and wonder how they pass inspection.


Today was productive.  Marco and his crew came and washed and waxed the RV.  She looks so much better than she did.  The fake grass rug has been nailed to the ground and the rope lights are out around the concrete pad.  They’re a safety item as much as anything. Three loads of laundry were done and now we are again resting comfortably.

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  1. Sorry you had problems on the trip down, yikes! The limited hot water would be annoying, but at least you aren't in the north any longer...could be worse. Glad you made it back to Tucson! The snowbirds, many from Canada and the upper midwest, are really starting to pour in to the RV park here. Don't blame them one bit! We went swimming today in the lovely pool and felt pretty smug. :)